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The following document may hereinafter use the terms WE, OUR, and US to refer to The Keno Club LLC, and will use the terms YOU and YOUR to refer to you and any user participating in use of Hereinafter, the terms YOU, YOUR, WE, OUR, and US may appear in standard sentence casing.
Use of Collected Information
The Keno Club collects a limited amount of personal information when you create an account on This information includes: your first and last name, your email address, and a password for your account. If you create a Premium account, you will be asked for a credit card number. The Keno Club does not retain your credit card number on its servers. The Keno Club uses Stripe, a reputable third party merchant, for processing credit card payments and storing credit card information. The Keno Club may log your IP address to help in the administration of The Keno Club may also use server-side cookies to retain information pertaining to your use of
The Keno Club does not sell or share any of your personal information.
We may share survey response data with advertisers or other third parties, but in doing so you will remain anonymous. The names of individuals who have taken surveys will not be shared.
Certain information may be used in determining appropriate ads to display. We may share ad response data with advertisers, but in doing do you will remain anonymous. The names of individuals responding to ads will not be shared.
Terms and Conditions
The Privacy Policy is not a summary, synopsis, or replacement for the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service. Please refer to said document for more details.
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