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What is The Keno Club? The Keno Club is a community for keno players around the world! We offer non-wagering keno games that can be played for fun, or to practice patterns for games like Multi-Card Keno. We also offer a community, where players can share keno stories and strategies. Additionally, we host free monthly contests where players can compete to win actual prizes!
Is it free to join? Yes! Creating a basic account is absolutely free. For enhanced account features and no daily credit limit, you can upgrade to Premium at any time for $6 per month.
Will I be able to play on my phone or iPad?
Our games run on almost any modern desktop, laptop, or mobile device. If you have a concern about your device, please consult our system requirements.
Do I have to pay to enter into monthly contests?
Nope! All members can participate in monthly contests for free.
What are Player Points for?
Player Points are earned as you play, at a rate of 1 point for every 50 credits played. Player Points can be reemed for more credits, but also count toward monthly contest goals.
Do Player Points expire?
Player Points reset to 0 for all players at the beginning of each month.
If I use my Player Points for credits, or choose to buy additional credits, will I lose them after midnight?
No. Any credits that are purchased or added by redeeming Player Points will not reset after midnight, and will not expire until the game they are used on is played down to 0 credits.
I have a Premium membership, and Auto-Play is not working. What do I do?
Auto-Play is designed to not interrupt the process of declaring a bet and choosing numbers. Once you have declared a bet and chosen numbers, you will need to manually spin once. From that point, Auto-Play will continue playing for you.
Sometimes Auto-Play will pause after I win. Why is that?
We like to think that people want to stop and look when they win something big! By default, Auto-Play will pause after winning 5000 credits. Under Auto-Play Settings, you can change it from 5000 to any number of credits, or set it so Auto-Play never pauses for anything.
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